List of possible inpout / ouput File Formats of dmfit program

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Bruker Formats

Unix TopSpin
The XWinNMR files are stored in a hierarchical format
Acquisition parameters reside at the ExpNb level and dmfit uses the following :
  • acqus acqu1s acqu2s acqu3s : the acquition parameters of 1D, 2D, 3D experiments
  • pulseprogram audita.txt vdlist : text files relevant to the current experiment
    they can be viewed from the "SpecParam" dialog by clicking the "Edit Param >>" button
  • WinNMR .fid .ser .1r .rr...
    The WinNMR format is directly derived from the XWinNMR / TopSpin hierarchy by building a root name ExpNbProcNb and adding an extension :
  • acqus -> .aqs for 1D
  • procs -> .fqs for 1D
  • 1r -> .1r for 1D
  • .fid -> .fid for 1D
  • ASPECT 3000 MSL

    Spimpson .spe

    Ascii .txt .ppm .hz

    Core Scientific Ddata Format .csdf