FID Processing in dmfit

A new "processing" menu Item (top  of window) allows basic processing of 1D FIDs

Tuning of the processing (the Time Domain and Complex boxes should be checked)

  • Fourier transform your data [FFT], both real Imaginary parts are interleaved in the display

  • Click [View Real&Imag] button (top of dialog) to select real or imaginary part for phasing

  • Use the [--][-][+][++] buttons to adjust zero order and first order phase

  • Once phase is correct click the [rm Im] button to discard the imaginary part of the spectrum

  • Quit the dialog box

  • if required you always can reload the spectrum and start again (remember to note the phasing parameters)

If you already know the phase parameters, just select the list of operation with check boxes and click the [Process F2] button to do the whole processing at once.