Fit Pannel...

You can always click :

  • the [Parameters] button to call the [Model Parameters full list] dialog.

  • the base line button to interactively fix a base line

  •   the [Add] button to add a new line

  • the [Delete] button to delete the current line

  • the [Show] button to  redraw the current line's individual shape

  • the [ShowAll] button to redraw all the defined lines

  • the [Spinning sidebands] button to locate the position of the spinning sidbands of the current line

  • the [MAS] button to interactively set the magic angle spinning rate (

  • the [Drag] button to modify interactively the currently selected line

  • the [Difference] button to draw the difference between experimental and model spectrum

  • the [Refresh] button to refresh the display

  • the [Compute] button to recompute the model spectrum

  • the [Optimize] button to optimize the current solution

  • the [Report] button to report the current line paramters in a format that you can paste to word processing or worksheet programs

  • the [Information] button to get information on the current line.