on line examples for dmfit


Under Windows the '.fxmla' should be automatically assigned to dmfit for opening (latest executed version): double click the file to load

Remark for Vista & Windows7 users : Vista & Windows7 do not allow application to register their extension in the normal mode, to register the 1R, fid, fxml, fxmla, f01... extensions execute the program once in the "administrator" mode by clicking the righg button and chosing "execute as Administrator"

Depending upon the browser :

  • Internet Explorer or Safari : click on the link and choose "open" it should work
  • Firefox : click right, save the file and open it by doubl clicking in the download list
  • Generic : save this file to your disk and load it into 'dmfit' [Menu|File|Open] or [Menu|Decomposition|Load Other] or drag the file to an open 'dmfit' session

only works starting from #dm2010 versions

MAS spectrum with both QUAD & CSA
1D MAS / QUAD/CSA MAS / 27Al / Computed
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reference :
D.Laurencin, C.Gervais, A.Wong, C.Coelho, F.Mauri, D.Massiot, M.E.Smith, C.Bonhomme
Implementation of high resolution 43Ca solid state NMR spectroscopy: towards the elucidation of calcium sites in biological materials
Journal of American Chemical Society 131 13430-13440 2009